Timelapse ShowFest 2015 edition. Read carefully all the information before you decide to participate. Contact us if you have any questions.

The Timelapse Showfest will take place in one of Spain’s best cinema screens. Projection conditions are exceptional and the effort is worth its price. Check THIS for tips about what we want


These are the main requirements for submitting your montage to the selection process:

  1. Deadline is September 15th, 2015.
  2. Image: SCOPE aspect ratio 2K size  (2048×858 or 1920×804) (RECOMMENDED). We will accept 16:9 (FLAT) too.
  3. Maximum length is 6 minutes, including credits. If you have SELECTED and your Film length is more of 6 minutes, you MUST need to reduce it.
  4. Montage preferably UNRELEASED BEFORE.
  6. If you are selected, your montage will be seen in other cities where the itinerant screening will be going.

Okay, I accept the Terms and Conditions! I do want to participate!



Our deadline to receive the videos is September 15th of 2015. From that date on we will start selecting participants contacting them. We will not contact those that are not selected. The Showfest date will be announced shortly.


Final edit must be at least a “2K” size in SCOPE format (2048 × 858 or 1920 × 804) format. We accept also 1920×1080 size, but recommend the SCOPE aspect ratio because the GIANT SCREEN that we enjoy use this aspect ratio and we can fill the screen. The frame rate can be 24, 25, 30, 48, 50 or 60. Please, AVOID 23.98 or 29.97,

 We will not be admitting final works with a resolution under 1080P. You must understand that the huge area of the screen and the high quality standards of the projection make it impossible to accept low resolutions works.

We can accept HFR (High Frame Rate) format therefore we welcome pieces made at 48/50/60 frames per second. The visual impact of the works produced at these speeds on big screen is really amazing, so we encourage you to send your works in this mode.

Also, even though the fest involves mainly the Timelapse technique, it is possible to participate with normal video, Slow motion, 3D animation … whatever you want!. A minimum of 40% of the shots must be Timelapse.


 Unpublished works are a priority to us. If your work is already online it may lose value and we will ask a special version for the Festival if you are finally selected.

 Regarding audio, we admit both Stereo and 5.1. If you do not own the musical rights, ALL liability for its usage goes to the producer of the work.

 Maximum length is 6 minutes. If your film lenght is MORE of that SIX MINUTES and it is selected, you MUST ADAPT IT to fit into these time. If the work is narrated, but not in Spanish, we will need the audio transcription so that we can translate it into Spanish subtitles.


Participants will have to fill in an on-line form available at, enclosing information about their work and a private link to download it.

There will be a selection of TWELVE OFFICIAL VIDEOS that will be used in the different advertising campaigns carried out by the organization through several media. They will also be published on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

Those that have been selected will receive an email with detailed instructions on the submission of the material we need and others (trailer, making of, video presentation, poster, etc.).

The organization is responsible for carrying out the necessary ‘master editing of all videos to the format of the digital projection DCP for FREE. However, the resulting DCP will belong to the organization. A special offer will be available for participants that wish to acquire the resulting DCP to use it in other projections.

All participants will give their express consent to SPECIAL projections in other cities. These projections would be for the exhibitions of the works and with the sole purpose of reaching more public.

A JURY will award three videos out of the ten selected and the public will vote for the winner (out of the Twelve). The result will be given at the end of the projection, and therefore we would appreciate I you come to the event.


If a participant uses a courier service he will be responsible for all shipping and return shipping costs.

Also, the winners will be responsible for all shipping  costs of the PRIZE, if they don´t come to the Festival.

Once selected, the participant must follow a guide created to standardize all processes. It is extremely important to follow the guide; otherwise your participation is at risk.

The participant also agrees to respect deadlines.

The organization reserves the right to modify these terms through no fault if it implies a modification of some of the structural elements affecting the same

Okay, I accept the Terms and Conditions! I do want to participate!